Skovfarmen's Brown Nooroo Noname


  • Nickname:
  • DKK no:
  • Color:
  • Sex:
  • Dentition:

    Full dentition, scissor bite

  • HD:
  • ED:
  • Other health:

    PL: 0/0
    Back/spine: normal
    Heart check: clear (2017)

  • Owner:

    Sofia Olsson, Sweden
    Brigita Golde, Denmark

Glenn now lives with Sofia in Sweden. There are big plans (obedience, tracking, nose work and agility) for this little guy but the most important one is to be Sofias new best mate and companion.

Stud dog

  • Litter with Evallens Chocolate Tiny Tailed Sun at Sunstralia in Sweden, 2020

  • Litter with Legården's Nessie at Leagården's In Sweden, 2018

Competition results

  • Approved mental test and gun proof, Lomma, Sweden 2015

  • Approved big mental test 521 points, Falkenberg, Sweden 2017 - KORAD

  • Swedish Show Champion - SE UCH

  • 1 x CAC Elite class tracking

  • Approved elite class tracking - SPH III

  • Approved higher class tracking - SPH II

  • 2nd price Obedience class 3, Sweden

  • 3 x 1st price Obedience class 2 - LP2

  • Highest class in Nose Work (TSM NW3)

  • Titles in Rally-O - RLD N, RLD F


Breeder of Australian kelpie since 2005.

Breeding on Australian kelpie in Denmark with a focus on mentally stable individuals with good work capacity with exteriors that lean towards the FCI breed standard.

The kennel is inspected and approved by the Danish Kennel Club.

Brigitta Golde
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